Water / Aqueous Samples

ParameterHolding Time, daysContainerMinimum Amount, mLPreservationMethod
Metals (ICP)180250-mL Poly100HNO3EPA 6010B / 200.7
Metals (ICP/MS)180250-mL Poly100Ultra HNO3EPA 6020 / 200.8
PCBs7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 8082 / 608
Pesticides, Organochlorine7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 8081A / 608
Pesticides, Organophosphorus7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 8141B
SVOCs (BNAs)7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 8270C / 625
1,4-Dioxane7*I-L amber glass10004°CGC/MS Isotope Dilution
TPH-CC / TPH(d) / DRO7*500-mL amber glass5004°CEPA 8015B(M) / 8015B
VPH143 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)EPA 8260B
VOCs / TPPH143 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)EPA 8260B / 624 / LUFT GC/MS
TPH(g) / GRO / BTEX / MTBE143 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)EPA 8015B(M) / 8015B / 8021B / 602
TRPH28500-mL amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CEPA 418.1
VOCs (drinking water)143 × 40-mL VOA vials40Ascorbic Acid / HCl & 4°C (no headspace)EPA 524.2
Volatile Fatty Acids (Organic Acids)282 × 40-mL VOA vials40H3PO4 & 4°C (no headspace)HPLC/UV
1,2,3-TCP143 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)SRL-524M-TCP
EDB/DBCP143 × 40-mL VOA vials40Na2S2O3 & 4°CEPA 504.1
Ethanol (low level)143 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)EPA 524.2(M) SIM / 8260B(M) SIM
EPH14*500-mL amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CEPA 8015B(M)
Herbicides, Chlorinated7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 8151A
Methane in Water142 × 40-mL VOA vials40HCl & 4°C (no headspace)RSK 175(M)
Methanol / Ethanol142 × 40-mL VOA vials404°C (no headspace)EPA 8015B
NDMA7*I-L amber glass10004°CEPA 1625C(M)
Organotins7*I-L amber glass10004°CKrone et al
Alkalinity14250-mL Poly1004°CSM 2320 B
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)48 hours1-L Poly3004°CSM 5210 B
Bromide28125-mL Poly204°CEPA 300.0
Carbon Dioxide24 hours250-mL amber glass2504°C (no headspace)SM 4500-CO2 D
Carbon Dioxide72 × 40-mL VOA vials404°C (no headspace)RSK 175(M)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)28250-mL glass20H2SO4 & 4°CSM 5220 D
Chloride28125-mL Poly504°CEPA 300.0 / SM 4500-Cl− C
Chlorine, Total Residual15 minutes500-mL Poly1004°CSM 4500-Cl F
Chromium VI (Hexavalent Chromium)24 hours250-mL Poly2004°CEPA 218.6 / 7196A / 7199
Cyanide, Amenable141-L Poly500NaOH & 4°CSM 4500-CN− G
Cyanide, Total141-L Poly500NaOH & 4°CSM4500-CN− C/E
Dissolved Oxygen15 minutes500-mL amber glass3004°C (no headspace)SM 4500-O G
Ferrous Iron24 hours250-mL amber glass504°C (no headspace)SM 3500-Fe B
Ferrous Iron24 hours250-mL amber glass50HCl & 4°C (no headspace; field filtered)SM 3500-Fe B
Fluoride28250-mL Poly1004°CSM 4500-F− C
Formaldehyde24 hours500-mL amber glass1504°CASTM D6303-98
Hardness, Total / Calcium180250-mL Poly100HNO3SM 2340 C / SM 3500-Ca B
Hexane Ext. Material (HEM/SGT-HEM)28I-L amber glass1000H2SO4 & 4°CEPA 1664A
Ignitability (Flashpoint)14250-mL Poly2504°CEPA 1010A
Mercaptans48 hours125-mL Poly504°CLACSD 258
Mercury28250-mL Poly100HNO3EPA 7470A / 245.1
Nitrogen, Ammonia (NH3)28I-L amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CSM 4500-NH3 B/C
Nitrogen, Nitrate (NO3)48 hours125-mL Poly504°CEPA 300.0 / SM 4500-NO3 E
Nitrogen, Nitrite (NO2)48 hours125-mL Poly504°CEPA 300.0 / SM 4500-NO2 B
Nitrogen, Nitrate+Nitrite (NO3+NO2)28125-mL Poly50H2SO4 & 4°CSM 4500-NO3 E / SM 4500-NO2 B
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl (TKN)28I-L amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CSM 4500-Norg B
Nitrogen, Total28I-L amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CTKN / NO3 + NO2
Nitrogen, Total Inorganic28I-L amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CNH3 / NO3 + NO2
Nitrogen, Total Organic28I-L amber glass1000H2SO4 & 4°CTKN − NH3
Oil and Grease28I-L amber glass1000H2SO4 & 4°CSM 5520 B
Oil and Grease28500-mL amber glass500H2SO4 & 4°CEPA 413.2
Organic Lead7500-mL amber glass1004°CDHS LUFT
Perchlorate28125-mL / 100-mL sterile Poly504°CEPA 314.0 / 331.0(M)
pH15 minutes125-mL Poly504°CSM 4500-H+ B
Phenolics, Total28500-mL amber glass200H2SO4 & 4°CEPA 420.1
Phosphate, Ortho48 hours125-mL Poly504°CEPA 300.0 / SM4500-P B/E
Phosphate, Total28250-mL glass100H2SO4 & 4°CSM 4500-P B/E
Phosphorus, Dissolved28250-mL glass1004°CSM 4500-P B/E
Phosphorus, Total28250-mL glass100H2SO4 & 4°CSM 4500-P B/E
Redox Potential24 hours125-mL Poly504°CASTM D-1498
Salinity28125-mL Poly1004°CSM 2520 B
Solids, Total Dissolved (TDS)71-L Poly10004°CSM 2540 C
Solids, Total Suspended (TSS)71-L Poly10004°CSM 2540 D
Solids, Total (TS)7500-mL Poly2004°CSM 2540 B
Solids, Volatile (VS)7500-mL Poly2004°CSM 2540 E / EPA 160.4
Solids, Settleable (SS)48 hours1-L Poly10004°CSM 2540 F
Solids, Volatile Suspended (VSS)71-L Poly10004°CSM 2540 D / EPA 160.4
Specific Conductance28125-mL Poly504°CSM 2510 B
Sulfate28125-mL Poly504°CEPA 300.0 / ASTM D516-02
Sulfide, Soluble15 minutes125-mL Poly504°CSM 4500-S2− D
Sulfide, Total7125-mL Poly50ZnAc2 & NaOH & 4°CSM 4500-S2− D
Surfactants (MBAS)48 hours500-mL Poly2004°CSM 5540 C
Thiosulfate48 hours500-mL Poly2004°CLACSD 253A
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)28250-mL glass150H2SO4 & 4°CSM 5310 D
Turbidity48 hours125-mL Poly1004°CSM 2130 B
96-Hour Aquatic Toxicity, Haz Waste28250-mL Poly1004°CCA Dept. of Fish & Game
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