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Data Management / LIMS

ATL maintains a computerized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It provides benefits to both ATL and its clients. Among its benefits are:

  • Improved sample tracking and management
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Electronic interface with analytical instruments
  • Faster reporting
  • Flexibility in electronic report formats

Project managers are designated to oversee the flow of incoming projects from the moment they are scheduled to the time data is released and reviewed by our clients. Project managers are experienced in scheduling services, responding to technical inquiries and providing price quotes.

Final reports are provided in a variety of formats. They can be customized for ease in data management. ATL offers Electronic Disk Deliverables (EDDs), in addition to .PDF formats available for viewing in our secure Client Login.

Standard final reports consist of three items:

  Cover Letter
  • Project name
  • Project number (client's and laboratory's)
  • Case narrative
  • General laboratory comments
  • Signature of approval by an authorized laboratory representative
Analytical Data
  • Results with associated reporting limits
  • Method detection limits
  • Dilution factors
  • Method blank results, if applicable
  • Quality control batch number
  • Analyst's initials
  • Sample history dates - date collected, received, extracted, analyzed

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Report

  • Results of pertinent sample duplicates
  • Results of matrix spike and matrix spike duplicate (MS/MSD), and relative percent difference (RPD)
  • Results of laboratory control standard (LCS)


ATL Data Packages

ITEMS ATL Data Package
Level II Level III Level IV>
A. Laboratory Report      
1 Cover Page X X X
2 Cover Letter and/or Case Narrative, from LIMS X X X
3 Sample Receiving Information      
  a. Chain of custody X X X

b. Air Waybill

  X X

c. Sample Summary

  X X


d. Sample Receipt Checklist

  X X

Sample Results


Method Blank Report

6 Laboratory Control Sample Report X X X
7 Matrix Spike/Matrix Spike Duplicate Report X X X
8 Sample Duplicate (if applicable) X X X
9 List of Method Detection Limits     X
B. QC Items      
1 Analysis Run Log     X
2 Sample Preparation Log     X
3 Instrument Tuning Check   X X
4 Initial Calibration Data Summary   X X
5 Continuing Calibration Summary   X X
6 Summary of Surrogate Recoveries     X
7 Internal Standard Areas and RT Summary     X
8 Corrective Action Documentation (if applicable)   X X
9 Standards Log     X
C. Raw Data      
1 Initial and Continuing Calibration     X
2 Samples     X
3 Quality Control     X



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