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Advanced Technology Laboratories provide environmental testing services for Priority Pollutants in Air, Water, Soil and Sediments by EPA Methods, APHA and ASTM Methods as approved in the Code of Federal Regulations. List of methods employed are listed below:

Common Analyses

Organic Constituents Methodology
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons as Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) EPA 8015B, EPA 8015B/5035
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-GRO + BTEX EPA 8015B/8021B
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons as Diesel Range Organics (DRO) EPA 8015B
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Hydrocarbon Chain ID (C5->C32) EPA 8015B
Methanol and/or Ethanol EPA 8015M
BTEX Only (Aromatic Volatile Organics) EPA 8021
BTEX + Fuel Oxygenates (MTBE, TAME, ETBE , TBA + DIPE) EPA 8260
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) EPA 8260
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) plus Oxygenates EPA 8260
PCBs EPA 8082
Organochlorine Pesticides EPA 8081A
*Organophosphorus Pesticides EPA 8141
*Chlorinated Herbicides EPA 8151
Semivolatile Organic Compounds EPA 8270C
PNAs/PAHs (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons) *EPA 8270/SIM or EPA 8310
1,4-Dioxane EPA 8270
Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TRPH) EPA 1664
Oil & Grease EPA 1664


Air Toxics Methodology
Volatile Organic Compounds EPA TO-15
Volatile Organic Compounds (8260 Target Analyte List) EPA TO-15
Volatile Organic Compounds (Ultra-low level) EPA TO-15 SIM
Volatile Organic Compounds EPA TO-14
TVPH as Gasoline EPA TO-3
TVPH as Gasoline/BTEX EPA TO-3
Dissolved gases in water - Ethane, Ethene, Methane RSK-175
Dissolved gases in water - Ethane, Ethene, Methane + CO2 RSK-175
Methane ASTM D1946
*Hydrogen Sulfide EPA 15/16
*Hydrogen Sulfide - Low Level EPA 15/16
*Fixed Gases EPA 3C
*TNMOC in Landfill Gas EPA 25C/3C


Metal Analyses Methodology
Individual Metals by ICP or AA EPA 6010B/7000/200.7
TTLC Digestion for Individual metals analysis (1 per sample) EPA 3010/3050
ICPMS Individual Metals EPA 6020/200.8
ICPMS Group Metals (8 or more) EPA 6020/200.8
Mercury by CVAA EPA 7470/7471
Title 22 (CAM 17) metals (includes digestion) EPA 6010B/7470/7471
Hexavalent Chromium (solid matrix) EPA 7196A
Hexavalent Chromium (liquid matrix) EPA 7196A
Hexavalent Chromium by IC EPA 7199


Hazardous Waste Analyses Methodology
*Ignitability EPA 1010
Corrosivity (pH) EPA 9045C
*Reactivity (Cyanide and Sulfide) Title 22
*96 Hour Acute Toxicity/Fish Bio DOHS Standards
STLC/TCLP/SPLP Bottle Extraction Title 22/EPA 1311/1312
STLC/TCLP/SPLP ZHE Extraction Title 22/EPA 1311/1312


Ion Chromatography Methodology
Anion Scan (soil) EPA 300
Anion Scan (water) EPA 300
Chloride EPA 300
Fluoride EPA 300
Nitrate EPA 300
Nitrite EPA 300
Nitrate & Nitrite EPA 300
Orthophosphate EPA 300
Perchlorate (Soil/Water) EPA 314
Sulfate EPA 300


Inorganics Analyses Methodology
*Acidity 305.1
*Alkalinity 310.1
*Biochemical Oxygen Demand 405.1
Chemical Oxygen Demand 410.4
Chloride 325.3
Chlorine, Total Residual 330.2
Cyanide, Amenable 335.1
Cyanide, Total 335.2
Fluoride, Total 340.1/340.2
Hardness, Total 2340
*Mercaptans LACSD
Nitrogen, Ammonia 350.2
Nitrogen, Nitrate 353.3
Nitrogen, Nitrite 354.1
*Nitrogen, Total 351.3
Oil & Grease-HEM 1664
Oxygen, Dissolved SM4500
*Paint Filter Test 9095
pH 150.1/9045
*Phenolics, Total 420.1/9065
*Phosphorus, Total 365.3
Salinity SM2520B
Solids, Total Dissolved 160.1
Solids, Total Suspended 160.2
Solids, Total 160.3
Solids, Volatile 160.4
Solids, Settleable 160.5
Specific Conductance 120.1
Sulfate 375.4
Sulfide, Total or Dissolved 376.2
*MBAS, Surfactants 425.1
Total Organic Carbon (water) 415.1
*Total Organic Carbon (soil) 9060
*Total Organic Halogens (TOX) 9020
Turbidity 180.1
General Mineral Analyses  
24-hr Composite Sampling  

*Indicates analysis that is performed by qualified subcontract laboratory



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