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General Laboratory Terms
Metals Terminology
Organic and Inorganic Terminology
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Organic and Inorganic Terminology


Semivolatile Compounds
Compounds amenable to analysis by extraction with an organic solvent. Used synonymously with base neutral acid or extractable compounds.


Volatile Compounds
Compounds amendable for analysis by the purge and trap techniques. Used synonymously with purgeable compounds.


GC: Gas Chromatograph
The instrument used to separate analytes on a stationary phase within a chromatographic column. The analytes are volatilized directly from the sample (VOA water and low-soil), volatilized from the sample extract (VOA medium soil), or injected as extracts (SVOA and PEST).


Performance System Check (as known as Performance Evaluation Mixture)
A calibration solution of specific analytes used to evaluate both recovery and percent breakdown as measures of performance.


The separation between peaks on a chromatogram.


SPLP – Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure


STLC – Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration


TCLP – Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)


Compounds added to every blank, sample, matrix spike, matrix spike duplicate, and standard; used to evaluate analytical efficiency by measuring recovery. Surrogates are compounds not expected to be detected in environmental samples.


Internal Standards
Compounds added to every standard, blank, matrix spike, matrix spike duplicate, VOA samples at a known concentration prior to analysis. Internal standards are used as the basis for quantitation of the target compounds.


Document Reference


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