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What preservative and container should I use when submitting a sample for chemical analysis?


It depends upon the analytical method and type of sample collected. Specific preservatives and containers are used to maintain the integrity of samples. Please refer to the following tables to determine the applicable preservatives, containers, and holding times for a variety of analyses.


What is holding time? How does this affect the analysis that I requested?


Holding time is the length of time a sample can be stored after collection and prior to analysis without significant effect on the analytical results. Holding time varies with the analyte, sample matrix and analytical methodology used to quantify the analytes concentration. For some analytes, holding times can be extended if preservation techniques are employed to reduce biodegradation, volatilization, oxidation, sorption, precipitation, and other physical and chemical processes.


What forms of payment are available?


ATL customers can pay by credit card, check or cash. For first-time customers, ATL requires complete upfront payment for testing.  For payment by check, please remit to Advanced Technology Laboratories, PO Box 92797, Long Beach, CA 90809. For payment by credit card, please download our credit card payment form. For repeat customers, ATL offers payment terms of net 30 days. To be eligible for invoicing, please complete and submit our Credit Application Form (click here to download).

Q: What are electronic data deliverables?

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD's) is a form of delivery of analytical results in electronic format. Electronic data is directly extracted from the LIMS system and reported in different formats. ATL is capable of reporting electronic data deliverables in any client-specified format, including Geotracker EDF, Caltrans Storm Water EDD and EQUIS EDF.

Q: What is included in standard data packages?

Advanced Technology Labs can provide three levels of data packages to clients: Level II, Level III and Level IV. Level II is the standard method of reporting, while Level III and Level IV are special data packages available upon request. Please click here to learn what is included in each data package.



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